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Industry leadership, innovation, and integrity have been operational hallmarks of Texas Architectural Aggregate, Inc. (TAA) since its incorporation on August 3, 1960. Founded in Fort Worth, Texas by Joe R. Williams, A. E. Eismann, and John B. Potter, its initial goal was to create a better source of architectural aggregate for the terrazzo and cast stone trades. Marbles, quartzes, calcites, and granites originating in the varied mineral formations in the Llano Uplift area of the Texas Hill Country were custom run to exacting specification in establishing standards. Naturally occurring colors and qualities were chosen from old quarries as well as newly discovered sites to enhance the architect's or designer's palette choices - some emulating Old World classics, while others lent themselves to modern construction techniques and trends

With its inaugural crushing and milling facilities established in San Saba, Texas, Joe Williams began a search for the addition of a pure white to his product line, and in 1963 TAA negotiated the purchase of an extensive white marble deposit in far West Texas south of Guadalupe Peak. This acquisition greatly improved TAA's market share on the national architectural scene. A second mill was constructed in Van Horn, Texas, and later moved to the Marble Canyon site itself. Williams discovered that the deposit also contains a significant amount of brucite (mineralized magnesium hydroxide), and in 1969 began formal research on separation of the magnesium for use as an industrial chemical. Expansion into these markets continues today.

In 1979 TAA purchased the milling plant and quarries of its former competitor, Bilbrough Marble Company (originally The Dezendorf Marble Company) south of Burnet, Texas from The Georgia Marble Company. To TAA's original tradenames of Sierra White, San Saba Red, Persian Cream, Ivory Botticino, Sunburst Yellow, and Dark Cedar, were added Bilbrough's Longhorn Cream, Old Yellow, Yellow Verona, DeMarco Rose, DeMarco Blue, American Pink, and Imperial Brown. TAA currently enjoys a solid national reputation for its colorful array of 48 shades of stone in a wide range of gradations for use in the terrazzo, pre-cast concrete, stucco, and other construction markets - both nationally and internationally.

Joe R. Williams, Jr., manager of the Bilbrough Division from 1979-2004, now heads the corporation as its President. Carrying forward a family tradition of "drive and ability to understand the physical and chemical requirements of (our) markets with the mechanical knowledge to engineer the products and services which meet their need, within terms of economic reality" remains our corporate mission.


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