Sure, you've never been there, but you’d like to
send a postcard from Armenia anyway.

Or, you did go, but that perfect shot
just didn’t get on the roll of film somehow.

Well for all of you, TourArmenia and Vistas give you the chance to send a Postcard from Armenia! These are full color pictures that include a message you write and send just like the real thing.

Only it's FREE (no stamp hikes at TourArmenia!), so send as many as you want.

And it's easy. Just choose a picture from our first edition "Flowers of an Armenia Summer", or from one of the other categories, click on it, and an easy to follow set of instructions guides you through writing your own personalized message, addressing it for e-mail, and sending it off. That's all there is to it.

About "Flowers of an Armenian Summer"

It's already verging on winter, but what better time to remember the wonderful days of summer? And what more beautiful memories than the Flowers of an Armenian Summer? We had a good season in Armenia this year, with record rainfall and cooler than expected temperatures. It was just the right mix for a bumper crop of wild flowers.

We often forget just how abundant Armenia is, locked up in Yerevan and seldom venturing into the alpine meadows and thick forests that also make up this remarkable natural jewel. These are little reminders that the Land of Rock and Stone is also the land of Trees and Flowers, a remarkable ecosystem to preserve and pass on to our children.

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